Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Concord Stone Chamber - from Journals May 2005

I wrote:

I heard about a chamber in Concord in some book by Barry Fell but he is not a reliable figure caption writer so I was not sure if his picture really was from Concord. But then I talked or communicated with someone from that earlier generation of people looking at stone structures, someone who maybe knew Sal Trento. And somewhere I got the information that there was a possible stone chamber on the Benson property and there was another in Estabrook woods, and there was another near the river north on Lowell Rd. So the Concord Historical Commission (of which I am a member) and the Historic Districts Commission were asked for a go-ahead on a construction project involving the the falling down barn at that address. I took the opportunity to go and check it out. Sure enough...ta dah!....the Concord Chamber, as per Fell's correctly captioned picture:
This is a small chamber, with corbelled roof:
It is built on ledge and is near the end of a stone wall, which forms one wall. The entrance opens to the southeast. I cannot resist one more photo:

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