Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miner Farm - Knolls and Wetlands

(Continuing from the previous post)
Downhill, sloping down north and east to a wetland, and with plenty of smaller breakout zone, was another lot filled with old piles.
One of those places where there are piles visible all around you.
And here are some of the individual piles.
This site faces the northeast over a wetland. We crossed over a bit of that wetland and arrived at another knoll that faced back in this direction. That knoll faces back to the west over the wetland but the water surrounds the knoll also to the north and east.

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pwax said...

In response to James Gage's comment earlier: take a look at those sigle piles. I think the word "decrepitude" is very apt. Since that very nice platform cairn is right on the edge of a site where most of the piles are like this and the piles have enough volume to be similar to the nice platform, I think it is quite reasonable to wonder if they might not all have been the same once, and that the nice one got re-built. It is one possibility.