Monday, October 16, 2006

Rock pile sites within wet break-out zones, springs, and on brooksides

The site highlighted in the previous two posts has a lot in common with other sites located in almost direct contact with flowing water. Here are some other examples posted previously on this blog. Compare them.

"Brook Confluence in Bolton" [Click here]

"Brookside Piles" [Click here]

"Brookside Site" [Click here]

Also discussed in "Glaciers don't make rock piles" [Click here]

Note the enclosures shown in "The Lessons of the Day 2" [Click here]

Some of the common characteristics are
  • proximity to flowing water
  • numerous clusters of rock-on-rock
  • effigy-like piles: with head stones and/or symmetries
  • short rows of cobbles connecting features
  • seats/viewing stations (?)
In Journals there are a number of other examples of this kind of site. There is one in Wolf Swamp Boxborough, there is another within a site found by Bruce M. So I propose to recognize this as one somewhat standard type of rock piles site. Tentatively called a "Brookside Site".

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