Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hill in southern Tyngsboro - Part 2

...From there I headed back east towards the main hill, cross a wetland I had wanted to explore earlier, and starting seeing rock piles as I came to another forest road and the southwestern foot of this the Hill.This is a view to the east at the foot of the hill. You can see the slope steepening behind. As I look at the map fragment, I suppose that the whole western side of the hill has rock piles. I should have explored more but was pretty wet by then.
This site, mostly along the side of a forest road, contained mostly boulder piles. I only saw one ground pile.

One distinctive feature was a larger boulder with rocks on top. The second picture shows a nearby pile.This last view is back downhill. But the foreground pile is about as high on the slope as anything that I found. The site, or at least the past I saw was really at the foot of the hill and only a short way up the slope. I guess in the rain I am much less able to look over a site and make careful observations. I could not call this a marker pile site or anything else in particular.
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