Sunday, October 29, 2006

Panther Orchard Farm - Part One

by JimP
Panther Orchard Farm abuts the Miner Farm in Hopkinton, RI and I had the privilege of spending two days there exploring recently. The following is the first of several finds on that property.

We struggled through the briars and undergrowth and really weren't finding much. Then I spotted it near a brook that flows from the Miner Farm -- a small boulder cairn with possibly some of the same triangle symbolism found among the springs on Bob Miner's property. As I followed the brook, I found more. Here's a rock-on-rock.
It seemed like sticking to the brook was a good idea. Then I came across this small pile in a flat area on the bank.
The last feature I found on the brook was this pile of larger stones.
Much more to come from this property. Stay tuned.


pwax said...

That first one's "triangle symbolism" looks, to me, like the head of a bird effigy.

JimP said...

You could very well be right Peter.

Anonymous said...

Triangle symbolism is found throughout the site covering what is now Miner Farm & Panther Orchard Farm. It used in wide variety of contextes and structures. A solid has been put forward in the book `America's Stonehenge Deciphered' that triangular symbolism was used for protection of ceremonial structures by excluding uninvited or disruptive spirits. Our preliminary survey of this site suggests a similar function for the triangular symbolism.

James Gage