Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Miner Farm - the Farm

The farm is a beautiful piece of land among rolling hillocks and dips along the Tomaquog Brook in southwestern Rhode Island. Bob seems to have spent years cleaning the place up and it is meticulously groomed.
There are a number of wall bulges and corner piles. The first one, has a well hole in it which is quite confusing.For one thing the well is right by a brook. For another, why would someone build a rock pile over such a thing? But after thinking about it, I do not see that having no explanation necessitates a ceremonial interpretation to the pile. Here is another which was discussed a few weeks ago in a post by Jim P. Bob Miner said he re-built the retaining wall.There were a pair of adjacent hollows in the upper surface of one wall bulge: The hollows are, as usual, impossible to give a final interpretation to.

The stone walls were all supplemented with electrical wiring to keep the animals in. Bob told us he shut off the power but did not take the barbs off the barbed wire. In addition there was some discussion of two bulls that might appear that we should be prepared to run from. With all of those risks I suspect few trespassers will venture there.

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