Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Miner Farm - The Cedar Knoll

In the photo of the farm in the previous post, there are trees in the background. We headed over there to a high point covered with cedar trees which belongs to Bob's cousin. He does not know what she plans to do with the land. In amongst the cedars were a few piles and a circle which reminded me of the petroforms at Bannock Point Park in Manitoba
Just charming! This is the New England we grew up in. Except we never noticed the rock piles.

Nearby were some more substantial piles, and this northern side of the knoll leads down to a slope with many more rock piles.
Here also is that large platform pile that was in such good shape compared to other piles.
This is a very impressive pile, reminiscent of the ones Norman Muller shows from PA, and Tom Paul shows from CT. Here in Hopkington RI we are almost in CT. But before getting too theortical about this pile I have to say that I mistrust it. It looks, by volume, similar to some large tumbled down piles we saw just down hill from here. This one is uniquely well built and free of debris. Compared to the others this one is so out of place that I get a strong suspicion that it has been re-built. By who? It could be Bob Miner's grandfather or someone else, perhaps an Indian living in the area. On the other hand there is a nearby turtle pile [which I unfortunately deleted by mistake while making room for more picture later - but Larry Harrop got a picture of it as mentioned here by Jim P.] which is also well stacked up but smaller than this one. So what is true? Let's take a look at some of the other piles to the north.

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