Monday, October 16, 2006

Miner Farm, Hopkington RI - effigy like rocks and piles

From the same site as the previous post, here is a pile with obvious symmetry, suggesting to me a turtle with something on its back. That could be just fanciful.So also, it might be just fanciful that this rock looks a lot like a rabbit and might have been carved into that shape.
But these symmetric and shaped objects are right in the middle of a rock pile site which shows every evidence of having been an Indian ceremonial location. So presumably the shapes were noticed if not intended.

This area above the house is all wet and full of places where water comes out of the ground. In wet season, Norman Muller commented that you could hear the sound of water gurgling away underground under the rocks. Slightly above this the hill looks out over this wetland and possibly over the valley of the Tomaquog Brook which runs through there. There were a couple of examples of zig-zags but they are hard to photo:

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