Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Looking out over a lake to the southeast - Rockville RI

One more site that Jim Porter showed us, high on a hillside looking southeast out over a lake. I thought this was a marker pile site. My report:

Following Jim Porter we drove back to the highway....Pond. We followed a trail around the west side of the pond and then uphill to a bald spot, where we began seeing things, and then on up into a mountain laurel woods with piles all around.You can see the pond down hill on the right, with a southeast view over it. You may not be able to see it but every larger rock in the picture is wedged up. I told Jim later I would have considered it a successful day out if we had only seen this bald spot.

Just above, the piles started in earnest.
By this time [after the day at the Miner Farm] my camera was full. Also I was burned out from seeing such wonderful piles. This last place reminds me of a number of marker pile sites.Jim tells us that this is only the edge of a vast site. Gosh they have nice stuff down in southwestern Rhode Island.


JimP said...

This is indeed a vast site -- by far the largest area I have seen in all of New England.

I visited this same section again a few days later -- after a heavy rainfall the night before -- and a waterfall was audible from this area. It was so overgrown I couldn't get to it and my time was too short to fight the briars.

This site is also home to the following wall feature as photographed by Larry Harrop -- [Click here] for the photo.

Tim MacSweeney said...

I always imagine the past and the low ground fires that cleared away the greebriar and bittersweet...

Anonymous said...

The waterfall is worth fighting the briars to get to. Not that it's a spectacular waterfall , but because there is another cairn field with upwards of 2 dozen cairns a short distance from it.
Here's a sample.
You can also bushwack back towards the parking area and find an outcrop with the boulder with the drill holes and yet another cairn field.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I live in Rockville and I am very curious as to where this is.