Monday, October 02, 2006


He asked me to post these.Update: In comments, Norman asks for an explanation. I am not sure I can give a good explanation because FFC and I do not agree about these features. First of all these are examples of things FFC cleaned off during a walk on Sunday to Horse Hill in Groton/Dunstable. The first picture shows a rock-on-rock which sits over a crack in the lower rock. There were some interesting fragments of rock in the crack and the upper rock has a bit of a 'boat rudder' shape. Second is a rock that FFC says was carved. I am not so sure. Third is a picture of a small "Spirit Door" or split-wedged rock. I think such small fragments could easily be spalls from frost breakage. FFC and I always disagree about these small inconspicuous structures. I agree that they are worth looking at but sometimes, to me, they look natural not man made.

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What are we looking at? An explanation, please.