Friday, October 20, 2006

Getting the word out

I often click on the Site Meter logo at the bottom of this webpage to see how many people have been visiting and to try to guess who they are or, at least, how they found the blog. By now, this blog is well "spidered" by various search engines and frequently a new visitor gets here by searching on some combination of search words that puts this blog into the list of results. When I see that, I like to go over to that same search engine and see what else was in the results list. It is one way to find out about other sites mentioning subjects of interest and also, out of vanity, it is nice to see when this blog is high on the list.

Today, I was trying to backtrack a visitor from a U. of Pennsylvania and they came from here. It is gratifying to see that word of this blog is slowly getting out. I particularly appreciate the exclamation point.


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Anonymous said...

Greetings from another NYS rock hound. This is a great site. I have discovered a site in Yates county just East of Naples NY with over three hundred stone piles. If you are interested in sharing info you can contact me at