Monday, October 16, 2006

Hopkington RI Field Trip - plan of discussion

We saw a lot of material this Saturday on the fieldtrip to Hopkington Rhode Island, by invitation of Jim Porter. We began by visiting the Miner Farm in the Tomaquag Valley with four or five different places on the farm and nearby. Then we continued at another location nearby. I ended up taking 78 photos and 5 videos and taking most of Sunday sorting, naming, and journalizing the photos.

Now for each place that we saw I want to compare and contrast it to similar places I have seen up here in Massachusetts, so I propose this format: For each site I will post a report on what we saw there, and then I will write a separate post comparing it to other sits. So the first post will be a "report" and the second an "analysis". Let's have at it.

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