Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Site Near Rockville

by JimP
My vacation was a blast -- I've got a lot of material to post in the coming days. Thanks to Peter Waksman, Bruce McAleer, FFC, James and Mary Gage, Bob Miner, and Larry Harrop for helping to make my trip back home a memorable one!

The first site I'm posting is a new one. I stumbled upon it accidentally while driving down a rural road about a mile south of the Rockville site as reported by Larry Harrop [here] and Peter Waksman a day ago [here].

I gaze off the side of the road and realize I'm surrounded by rock piles. On both sides!

Unfortunately, this site is surrounded by homes and is on private land. I didn't want to venture off the road, so my photos are as good as I could get them. But some of the piles were fairly well-built.

I have since come to the realization that this site is included in an approximately 5-square mile area that is teeming with rock piles, petroglyphs, and other features. It's huge! Although not every foot of that 5-square mile area is covered with features, they are numerous enough for me to consider this the largest area of ancient stonework I have ever seen -- by far. There isn't even a close second.


pwax said...

Nice. Especially that last one. Love the colors too.

As to the claim that this is the largest area around, you may be right but Bruce M. has found some pretty vast areas for comparison.

Unknown said...

I live in this area, it is FULL of incredible ancient stonework and my family thinks I'm crazy!