Thursday, May 01, 2008

Atop Annursnac Hill in Concord, MA

Stone walls rise up from either side of the hill one from the northwest and one from the southeast. They don't meet on top but are offset from each other and the space between them is filled in with rocks to form a huge parallelogram rock pile. Maybe it is from field clearing but it is worth notice:
This is somewhat on the eastern side of the hill. There is a smaller pile of a similar sort, built into stone walls, on the more western side of the hilltop.

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archaeologist said...

I did a survey for the conservation group last November. we were jioned by members of the Concord museum and several of the conservation group, we counted some 30 mounds, stone walls and a large dump near by. the loacl history states that it was an an apple orchid, however, we found naot a single fruit tree in the area. Also there was some question as to a lrage pig farm nera-by. The land is part of a large conservation easement, with little danger of development. We plan to return to the area for amore in-depth study once the commission gets the funds and the town and state go ahead.