Monday, May 19, 2008

Triangular Shapes


I received a note from Bruce in Ottawa, with six pictures and the observation:

I'm noticing a fair number of stones that appear to have been propped up such that they form a triangle shape pointing straight up. Or in one case a three-sided shape.

Which reminded me of this stone, one of the many interesting stone features we saw on our visit to Massachusetts. It was close to some rock piles and a split-wedged boulder in an area with many walls and a natural rock ledge. I know they're probably natural, but the markings near the bottom reminded me of cup marks I've seen in pictures of stones in Great Britain and along the Susquehanna in PA.

I have more pictures to post, including Bruce's, and will do so at some point. My husband is out of the hospital but still convalescing. Check for ticks!


JimP said...

Triangle symbolism is very common at many of the sites I've seen in New England. Pyramidal stones show up here and there also.

pwax said...

Just yesterday FFC showed me a rock with very similar grooves. He thought they could not be natural. I am not sure.