Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More weekend days...more rock pile sites

I took last Friday off and had a 4 day Memorial Day weekend. Went out site hunting each day and was successful on 3 of the four days. The sites I found were not too exciting - decrepit, hidden, almost invisibile. I can barely remember what I found yesterday - oh yes, now I have it.

On Friday I explored a patch of woods in Billerica I have been saving since hunting season (I was too close to the gunfire last time). This time I found about 18 low ground piles - some with a white quartz rock at the center. A somewhat typical site.

On Saturday I went to "Mill Pond" a bit of Burlington Conservation Land. I walked around the woods (which are so used and urbanized that "park" is a more accurate term) for an hour or two and saw some interesting short stretches of stone wall coming off a high ridge and pointing out across the pond, eastward. I had pretty much given up on finding rock piles and then stumbled upon a confusing little site with more short wall stretches, some very beat-up piles, and a big hole in the ground like a sand and gravel borrow pit. Hard to figure if this was an obscure but practical land use or a ceremonial site.

On Sunday, I went with my wife to explore a conservation land in Groton, about which I have little good to say. Saw almost nothing worth reporting - except that strange rock-on-rock.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I went out to a hill in Stow I had never figured out how to get to. I had spotted a decent un-obtrusive parking place behind a commercial building. Went up and over. At one point there was a breakout zone with a few damaged piles and rock-on-rocks. Got a good workout.

I'll be posting pictures during the week.

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