Tuesday, May 20, 2008

FFC looks at the "Horned Creature" from Westford

I took FFC to see the rock pile I found a few weeks back.I pointed out the horned head and the quartz in the neck:FFC pointed out that the rock above the niche(lower left part of the pile) was a tail:
I payed more attention to a rock pile that sits a few feet behind the Horned Creature. Here is a view over the second pile back towards the first.
In detail this is also a bit like an effigy, with a head to the lower left:FFC said it looked like an eye but to me it looks like a smaller creature following the first horned one, there is a stunning piece of quartz in its belly:Cleaned:Pretty rich symbolism if it is not just my imagination.

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GULAHIYI said...

I believe the correc name of this horned serptent might be Gitchi-Kenebig. For an explanation, visit: http://gulahiyi.blogspot.com/2008/06/gitchi-kenebig-and-uktena.html

Best wishes!