Monday, May 26, 2008

Laughing Brook Redux

More elements from Laughing Brook in Massachusetts. A huge split boulder with a tree where the wedge would be.
Here a wall goes over a split boulder.
Rocks on a rock, which is also on a rock.
Nice rock pile. There were many rock piles in one area, but most were not in good shape.
Rock on rock with a suggestion of ornithology.An interesting arrangement of rocks. The huge boulder in the background is the huge split one in the first picture. Most of the rock piles and rock-on-rocks were near there, although walls were common throughout the park.


pwax said...

The third picture of a pair of rocks on top of a boulder may be something damaged or may be deliberately placed that way. I saw enough of that pattern of "crossed pairs" to give it a name. This might be worth checking out:

Do you think there is any basis for comparison?

Geophile said...

Yes, I do see what you mean. I didn't look at it that way until you pointed it out. I got the feeling that several features interacted at this site. There was also a contorted tree at one edge of that area. I'm not completely convinced that those trees have something to do with it, but they occur near sites so frequently . . .