Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rock piles and agave cultivation in the southwest US

This may be a bit like the rock piles I saw in Arizona [Click here]

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Nice find!
Funny thing: I was just thinking a conversation with the state archeologist about stone rows around here that divert water, prevent flooding etc. that I thought might have origins in the irrigation by the Hohokam people out west (Pheonix still uses parts of the H-irrigation system to supply water to the city), and the introduction of corn technology around here and being told there was no "dire need" around here for that sort of thing. My town just spent a ton of money to prevent the river from washing someone's house away, thinking they might have a different opinion on "no dire need."
I've pondered stone rows and piles as being heat storage sources for early planting,especially with the last few morning's frost; I never thinking about them as possible "mulch," but now I wonder...