Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quartz Dalton-Hardaway Points from Concord, MA

Side 1 view:Side 2 view:
The smaller of these points is 7/8 inches long and the larger is 9/8 inches long. These are late "paleo-Indian" points from 8-9K BC. The one on the right is broken at the base, the one on the left suffered similar damage but less so. They are not as old as those big fluted Clovis points but you can see the vestige of the flute in the slight hollowing up from the base of the point on the left and the concavity of the base of the point on the right. Can't tell you where these are from or someone might show up and start looking there. This morning my son and I had the field to ourselves and I got lucky twice.

Check out here from the Central States Archeological Societies (CSAS)

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Tim MacSweeney said...

Nice find, Peter!