Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrack Meadow Brook - Boylston MA

I took my wife bushwacking up a brook on Sudbury Valley Trustees land in Boylston. Coming from the hill to the west back down to the brook, I could already see something from a distance that looked like a gateway to the water, blocked off (the item to the right): And next to it a propped up stone, perhaps a propped up manitou stone: The western brookside for a hundred yards or so in each direction had traces of rock manipulation. There were many propped up and table-like rocksor little structures with several grouped rocks
and some few small rock piles down there beside the brookI was watching the other (east) side as we progressed but did not see any rock piles over there. But when we stepped across at a lovely little 9 inch waterfall there was at least one propped manitou stone on that side.Here is another view (I doctored this picture to make up for poor contrast in the original). Not seeing much else, we crossed back to the west side and went back down stream, to the north towards where we came in. There were more subtle structures, some interesting stone walls [Click here], and a real concentration of propped rocks Perhaps the gem of the walk came towards the end when we were a bit tired and not paying much attention: a low extended rock pile with a small outlier: These last two piles seems enough different from the others upstream that it is fair to question if they are from the same builders.

It was a beautiful cool May morning with pale sunlight. Some warblers could be heard in the trees, and the brook made a nice sound.


Norman said...

Beautiful site and wonderfully sharp photos. What kind of camera are you using?

I look at split-wedged boulders as a type of signature for areas with Indian stonework.

pwax said...

I am using an HP photosmart R827 - a nice little "point-and-click" type of camera. I sometimes wish for better depth of field but I always thought that color rendering was something HP figured out better than most other vendors with the possible exception of Canon. Thanks for the kind words.