Friday, May 09, 2008

Late paleo points from Concord, MA


archaeologist said...

Hello Peter;
The points in your photo are as follows, starting from the left to right.
1.Brewerton Eared-Triangle, Late Archaic
2. May be a partial Brewerton Triangle, it is a fragment.
3&4. Levanna, quartz, early Late Woodlands, generally found in the Northeast. The Brewerton is not from New England, may have been the results of trade.
Fred Meli.

pwax said...

Curtis Hoffman also looked them over and identified them. Left to right he said
1. Clovis
2. Late paleo fluted point - untyped
3. and 4. were either late paleo (as in Dalton-Hardaway) or else Squibnocket triangles.

Squibnocket triangles are hard to differentiate from Dalton-Hardaways and, given the context where these were found, with other late paleo points, the identificaton as Dalton-Hardaway is more plausible.

In my opinion these late paleo points did evolve into eared Brewerton's (which I also have in my collection) and so it is a matter of degree rather than kind.

archaeologist said...

I may agree that the quartz pieces are Squibnocket, but I believe the first point is a Brewerton-Eared Triangle. I respect Curtis, and often defer to his judgement, however, the problem with a Dalton-Hardaway is the trade route would be very extensive. The upper end of their distribution is west Virginia, were the Brewerton is sometimes found in Southern New England and as far south as Penn.
So it may be a question of interpretation.
Fred Meli

Norman said...

Did Curtiss make his evaluation based on seeing the actual points, or from photos?

pwax said...

Seeing the actual points.