Monday, May 26, 2008

A peculiar rock-on-rock

This is from a Groton Conservation Land, an otherwise dull bit of woods with quarried outcrops. This was along a faint brook:
Look at the closeup of this rock:
Talk about differntial weathering! Some readers will think this is manufactured. In any case, you can see why it caught someone's attention.

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Geophile said...

3rd pic: starflower

6th pic is making me unhappy because it resembles two flowered cynthia, but isn't orange and resembles dwarf dandelion but may not be small enough. So I'll pass.

7th pic, however, is a favorite, always a sign you're in a cool place: pale corydalis. A favorite.

8th looks like blackberry to me.

9th are bluets or Quaker ladies, and the 11th probably is apple, with those pink buds. Nice collection. Good eye!