Friday, May 02, 2008

Nipsachuck Hill and Swamp area, North Smithfield, Rhode Island: a battlefield Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow©

From Fred Meli:
The discovery of stone rows and stone mounds in the woods of North Smithfield RI fueled speculation that the area holds the remains of Native American Warriors, as well as numerous burial mounds that may date as far back as the Late Archaic Period.
The local conservation commission and town historian believe that the site has a potential tie to the King Philips Wars of 1675-76. I was called in to investigate the locale in March of 2007. I carried out four pedestrian surveys and a full three phase archaeological survey over the summer and fall of 2007. In that period we found substantial evidence to warrant a halt to all development in the area. The arcaheological work we have been involved in has caused a firestorm of controversy and much litigation.

The area has both cultural as well as historical significance attached to it. It was the site of three military engagements during the King Phillips War, which involved native peoples of the Wampanoag, Pocasset, and Narragansett tribes and colonial militia. The area also has a long historic association with the Nipmuc. In my presentation at NEARA, I discussed the findings of the survey and the ongoing legal and ethical problems that have become part and parcel of the Nipsachuck Hill and Swamp Area.

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