Saturday, May 17, 2008

Re-reading Dan Boudillion about the Boxborough Esker and Circular-Ditch-and-Mound

Dan writes well and give a great description of the Esker described by Mavor and Dix in Manitou [Click here].

I found the description of circular ditches ("Earthen Circle") very interesting and it reminded me of something from Dunstable I blogged about . While looking for the reference, I found [this] from Rocky Hill in Sterling, [this] from Bolton. Ah! here it is, the Dunstable examples [here] and [here].

Nice to see so many examples.

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theseventhgeneration said...

Here is something from the Delaware County, NY History website under History and Stories of Margaretville and Surrounding Area: "Near where Union Grove Village was located were remains of earth works of Indian origin. It is now covered by the waters of the Pepacton Reservoir." Click here for the link. It's under Chapter 51, 6th paragraph down. Check it out. It also says "A banner stone in the shape of a turtle, once carried atop a pole at the head of a ceremonial procession, was found while plowing on a farm near Balsam Lake."