Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another week, another marker pile site with triangular rock piles

Coming up to a site, often I see rock-on-rocks like bastions at the gate.And a few steps later I start seeing rock piles.You can see the piles as hints of darker color in the ferns. And you can see the "grid-like" structure. This was a typical site of this type with water to north, and northwest. The site consisted of several clusters of piles. A stone wall separated these from a small peninsula sticking out into a brook, and there were a few larger more broken down piles on the peninsula, like an older site over in there.I walked around taking pictures of the rock piles and was particularly enamored of this one: Let's look at it from above:See? It is triangular. Some others:The presence of one larger rock on each of these piles may be significant. I have been finding rock pile sites with triangular rock piles this fall. It is funny how I seem to find the same kinds of rock piles over and over for a while and then I start finding some other kind of site and get into seeing those over and over. What would explain this impression? I do tend to keep exploring in the same places once I find good stuff there. But this is northern Westford, and I just saw the same things in Fitchburg along Falulah Brook, and in Foxboro at the state forest. So I don't get it. Last spring it was all about rock piles with hollows and, frankly I enjoyed them so much this is what I have been hunting for. But now I just keep finding triangular rock piles. Over by a stone wall, a different collection of piles. The layout of the piles, evenly spaced along an arc, is evident enough:Just to the right in this picture was one pile that was different from all the rest: a broken down platform? Or could it be my old friend: a rock piles with hollows? I don't know, it was too far gone. It would have been like a focal point to the arc of the other piles.

Here are some of the "older" piles, on the peninsula:
These are long gone.

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pwax said...

This is the southern /western edge of the open water along Keyes Rd. in Westford just south of the Tyngsborough line.