Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yurok Rock Pile

Yurok Language Project University of California, Berkeley Ha'ag 'U-Mekwehl.
Ha-'ag 'UeMe-kwehl.
Rock pile way up the hill above Moore's. (On the left side heading upriver.)

'O Ruu.
'O Ruue.
Meadow where they used to practice stick game, up the hill from rock pile. (On the right side heading upriver.)


Pego’hpo: Translated “split.” A sea rock with a cleft in it.
(Below: Alfred Louis Kroeber photo of Rock Oregos
- and is that a rock line or stone row beside the path?)

 Wiyot and Yurok Tribal Cultural Resources Information
for Clam & Moonstone Beach County Parks Master Plan
 includes this info:
• The rock outcrops surrounding the village and the beach are traditional cultural places of ceremonial and spiritual significance to Yurok people and culture.
• The Culture Committee would like to see better management and protection of the village and resources in the Moonstone Beach area. Campers on the beach should not be allowed, trails leading into the village site should be closed, and visitors should be discouraged from climbing on the rock outcrops as these are cultural places.

Take a look at
"Burning a hillside" pg. 33
"Religion" -  rocks involved in ceremony pg. 53
Handbook of California Indians

Yurok is an Algonquian Language...

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