Monday, September 06, 2010

In a potato patch in Concord

...I see a coyote tracks...I see left over potatoes...I see an arrowheadCloserI am a lucky guy.
That is an eared Brewerton point, made of brown quartzite. You can still make out the vestige of a flute on the back side:


Chris Pittman said...

Fantastic find. That is really a beautiful point. I like the material too. Lovely.

pwax said...

Thanks Chris.

I want to add that some of the deeper depressions in the dirt, right next to the arrowhead, are old footprints that have been almost washed away by the rain. A main source of such footprints is other people looking for arrowheads. Seems like I waited just long enough to go check that spot. Arrowhead hunter's glee.