Friday, September 10, 2010

Somewhere along the Klamath

Above is a photo Ron Smith sent me this morning
that shows a perched boulder Somewhere along the Klamath River in N. CA.


pwax said...

Nice find. I see another interesting feature behind and to the right of the propped boulder. It looks like a thin gap between two halves of a divided boulder. It makes me wonder, how many of those "random" rocks scattered around are actually functional?

Norman said...

Strange landscape in northern California. I wish I knew more about the geology of the region.
The large perched boulder near the center of the photo has a flat looking smaller rock on top, and if one looks at the other boulders behind it, they too have small rocks on top. Then, if you think back to ALF Rock and Crocodile Rock, you (at least I) remember that there are smaller rocks weathering out of the softer rock due to differential weathering. I'm wondering if the same thing is happening here, which might be in the general area of Crocodile and ALF Rock.