Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rock Piles in a Sacred Place

Rob Buchanan writes:

Yesterday I visited the Chuang Yen Buddhist Monastery in Putnam County NY. As I was walking up the ceremonial pathway to the Great Buddha Hall I noticed a small boulder with an rock pile and a very large boulder in the woods behind it.

The large boulder was approx. 4m high and appeared to be tilted to the south. There was a widespread rock pile around the east and south sides of this boulder.

A few meters to the east of the boulder, on top on a small rock outcrop was another extensive rock pile.

Further to the east of these piles was a three-way split boulder with a rock pile extending southward from its southern edge.

There was also a niche-like feature on the western edge of this pile.

There were several smaller rock piles in the area. One interesting pile was on the south end of a split boulder that appeared to have a small pile in the split.

This site is not far from several Putnam County chambers (Meads Corner, Dicktown) and is relatively close to some areas with many rock piles and stone structures (Stillwater Lake, Bushy Ridge and Wiccopee).

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Rob Buchanan

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