Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Split wedged rocks from the Catskills

Norman Muller writes:

My wife and I went to the site of Catskill Mountain House yesterday, and on our way back to the car, we traversed the shore of South and North Ponds and found some curious stone features.
The first one I found amusing. The small stones undoubtedly were placed to look like teeth of a whale, and seemed new.

The second construction took me by surprise, but as I looked at it carefully, I determined that the support stones were the remnants of a weathered slab of stone (all the stone looks the same throughout). This reminded me of a similar pedestaled boulder in New Jersey (Image 088) that a friend and I saw four or so years ago. Others say the latter is a manmade dolmen, but we determined that the support stones were identical, and at the same level, as a nearby band of the same stone in a ledge outcrop.

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