Monday, September 06, 2010

Relics of the Ancients

Added Ron Smith's website as a new link on the right. It is not New England but clearly a lot of what he is finding in California is very similar to what we puzzle over in the Eastern woods.


Norman said...

Great Website. One comment:
In the section under "Indians" and then under "Crocodile Rock" are images of ALF Rock, which Ron says is close to Crocodile Rock. He also says the stones on top of ALF rock are cemented in place. Looking at the images of Crocodile Rock, especially the first one, which gives a panorama of one face of it, I see a line of small stones that is eroding out of the rock face. One also sees a horizontal line of small stones just below the top of ALF Rock. I now believe these stones, and the ones on top are eroding out of the stone, and were not placed on top by man and over time were cemented in place.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Remember this, up in N. CA?
Ahjumawi Stone Fish Traps

Part of the "Worldview" tab says, "Angulo provided the following quote from an Achumawi "friend" which gives a glimpse into their view of the supernatural world:

All things have life in them. Trees have life, rocks have life, mountains, water, all these are full of life. You think a rock is something dead. Not at all. It is full of life. When I came here to visit you, I took care to speak to everything around here.... I sent my smoke to everything. That was to make friends with all things. No doubt there were many things that watched me in the night.... They must have been talking to each others. The stones talk to each other just as we do, and the trees too, the mountains talk to each other. You can hear them sometimes if you pay close attention, especially at night, outside.... I do not forget them. I take care of them, and they take care of me (Angulo, Achumawi Life-Force 61)."