Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ed Lenik Video

Larry Harrop writes:

I noticed that Ed Lenik is speaking at the upcoming NEARA conference. I know of one of his books "Picture rocks: American Indian rock art in the Northeast woodlands" so I searched his name hoping to find more on petroglyphs. Instead I came to this youtube video. How sad is that. Move the slider to 4 minutes into the video.

[PWAX: Lenik lumps together all researchers into New England stone structures. Apparently we all believe the Irish monks built everything (we don't). Also Lenik is unaware of USET resolutions.]

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pwax said...

Take heart oh researchers! Look at these cool connections we are making with California, Georgia, West VA, etc. It is a burgeoning topic and Lenik knows it. He comes across as defensive. I suppose he is a traditional archeologist, vaguely aware that the boat is sailing without him.