Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plymouth County Arrowheads

Chris Pittman writes:

I found these on the same morning back in July. I was in that field again this weekend for hours but found nothing at all. That was a real streak of luck I had! The quartz point is my favorite find to date, it is really thin and finely flaked and I am calling it a Dalton. I am calling the other one a big Levanna, I don't know what the material is but it is pretty. I will have to take some pictures of these cleaned up, I am really pleased to have found these. Please don't post these particular photos on your blog. I am always afraid of attracting other people to this particular field, I do believe I am the only person looking there. I haven't had luck like this anywhere else.And:

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pwax said...

Wow! what a gem. I believe this is a late paleo "Dalton-Hardaway" point. Nicer than any I found of this variety.