Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Driving down Mirick Rd: retaining wall and other...

Some major stonework along this road:The landowner was right there, so I played dumb and said: "gosh that is a pretty big rock pile". He said: that is what farmers did to clear their field. I said: "they must have had a lot of rock to get rid of". He chuckled and said: we have the glaciers to thank for that. Helpful, he seemed to have all the answers, but I was wondering about mills and dams. Anyway, a few yards down the road I spotted a pile that I would not expect this landowner to explain so easily:
Closer:Still in Wachusett's shadow. Shall I go back again next weekend?

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the first explanation people have is "the farmers, white settlers, pioneers, etc." built the "rock lines, serpent walls, cairns, chambers etc." not just in New England but everywhere else. This is the primary explanation for the rock lines on Ron smith's site in Sutter Buttes and Lake Shastina, and also the "East Bay walls" thatrun from Berkeley to San Jose along the mountain ridges overlooking the SF BAY. In my research on megalithic structures around the planet, I discovered that this is the same explanation given for the pyramids on the islands of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and Tenerife in the Atlantic. Yet the pyramids on both islands are exactly the same and were clearly built by the same people/culture. (Just Google them and see).

So why is this the primary explanation? Money. Benjamins. Cash. Once the structures are declared ancient the chances of the land being put off limits for further economic development is threatened, and people are more concerned about economics than history. Can you really blame them? What would you do in their place?