Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Acton Grid

It has been several years since I published this diagram of a collection of 30 rock piles in Acton. Numerous things have happened since then. It turns out that the gray "U" structures next to the path were exercise stations. It also turns out that the wall, which is horizontal in the diagram, points to the winter solstice sunrise. I think this "grid" is a marker pile site. As I explained: [Click Here]

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pwax said...

I should mention: this site is on Acton Spring Hill Conservation Land. The Acton Land Steward Committee listened to my expositition of the rock pile sites at Spring Hill and decided to create a little interpretive trail through the site. It looks so much nicer now they have cut down some of the vision-obscuring pine sapplings. I wish they would cut back more. To get there: go to the end of Spring Hill Rd. Walk up the trail about 50 yards and take the little trail that forks to the right. If you stay on the main trail instead you will pass the site before you get to a stone wall. So if you see the stone wall you have gone too far.