Monday, February 13, 2006

Stone circles next to boulders

A structure consisting of a small circular row of stones coming out from the side of a boulder is sometimes interpreted as a "seat" for vision quests. The idea is that putting this seat next to a source of energy- like a boulder- would increase the strength of the person sitting there. That is pure speculation. So I had a little discussion about this with Norman Muller today. Some of the nicest examples of these structures are from Holliston Town Forest: here are three I photo'd the one above and another two:
Norman points out that similar circles are found adjacent to other structures. Here is a stone circle next to one of the small enclosures Norman photo'd earlier from Rhode Island [Click here]
Whatever the role of the outline of stones, this suggests a similarity between the small enclosures and boulders. Personally I like the theory of energy sources.

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