Saturday, February 18, 2006

Beauties by the road in Boxborough

This one is visible from the car as you drive along Sargent Rd. There are several other piles near it in pretty bad shape, including another wedged rock like this one.

This next one, a rock-on-rock, is fifty yards or so behind a No Tresspassing sign along in there.

It is at the base of a small hill with a large platform pile at the crest.

I am not sure this is a bona fide ceremonial pile. It could be from field clearing but the component rocks are small and somewhat uniform in size. Since the pile is on a height of land I vote for it being ceremonial. This pile is in two tiers. As you can see it is in a pretty sad state of repair. Another pile I liked from back in there was so covered over with leaf debris, you could barely tell it was there. I like the juniper bush:

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