Sunday, February 05, 2006

Brookside Site

A very particular type of site occurs in rocky wetlands next to or at the head of a brook. These sites are characterized by
  • Next to or at the head of a brook
  • Groups of rock-on-rocks sometimes in lines (usually not straight lines)
  • Wedged rocks and split rocks
If you look in the background of both of these pictures there are other rock-on-rocks.
There were split rocks with piles lined up in line with the split. I talked about and showed this yesterday. I also illustrated some of the "prayer seats" comprised of vague enclosures.

I have seen brookside sites like this in Littleton, Boxborough, Stow, Westford, Pepperrell. Although I have a sense that hilltop marker pile sites are related to sky watching and to projecting energy along the lines of the piles, Brook-site sites seem more personal, more related to the nature of the brook and I am much less clear about this.

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