Monday, February 20, 2006

A Weekend of Odds and Ends

It is a long, "president's day" weekend and I have been out exploring Saturday, Sunday, and not yet today on Monday. I found four little sites, so far, and am tired of looking at rocks in the woods. On the other hand there are only about five people reading this blog regularly - which is dis-motivating for the keeping up of regular content updates. But I'll do it, and thanks to the regular readers.
I see that I posted some of Saturday's discoveries. This above picture was at a site near Sargent Rd in Boxborough. It is a nice pile.

But enough about Saturday, I have to catch up with Sunday's minor discoveries.I went up to Westford and found a small site or, rather, found the rest of a site of which I found a corner in the past.

I parked on Rt 40 just west of where it crosses Snake Meadow Brook, walked in across the eastern slope of the hill there till I got to the flat part above the "o" in the word "Radio".
Then I swung around to the east and descended to above where the blue outline is located. I was pushing through a dense growth of pine saplings and spotted something behind the trees. It was the top of a small site which lies around the eastern and southern skirts of a low pine covered shoulder.

The piles are low, some on supports, others directly on the ground.These are a couple of the better examples. The site is a mess, the piles are covered with debris and it is not easy to see more than a few feet through the pine saplings. I had to do quite a lot of zig-zagging in the vicinity of the first piles I spotted to sort out what else was nearby. This site has already been pretty damaged so I say: get someone in the town of Westford to take an interest in such things and have the town turn this into a little conservation land - clean the place up.

I skirted more around to the southern side of the hill where there were some additional piles.
This group of three seem inter-related. And here is a detail of the rear-most one:
It looks like a bit like a crossed pair, and these are the types of piles associated with marker pile sites. So that is my best guess as to the nature of this site. At the base of the low hill, on the southern side, was a large rock with three plates resting on its surface:
And one nice last picture of a rock-on-rock adjacent to the brook.
Down here it is a "brookside" site but it connects through to the structures on the low hill above.

It would be nice to see this site cleaned up, otherwise it will slowly get destroyed by the occasional logging in there.

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