Saturday, February 04, 2006


In the previous post I showed you a divided pile. I think it is a refinement of something that was very common at the site I visited today: A large pile separated by a space from a small pile. I saw this so often today I think it deserves a name like pile-space-pile. Here are some other examples:
In this last picture, there are five piles visible. Bruce, with a brown jacket, is standing behind the most distant one. In the mid-ground id a small pile, a space, and a larger pile built on an outcrop.

Here is another beautiful example.
These piles are stacked up with at least one clear vertical face. There is a definate sense of viewing through the space - although I am not sure of it. In addition, several of these piles have aperatures.

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pwax said...

No they don't have aperatures, they are mixed in with piles having apertures. The sense you get is of "foresights" sometines near, sometimes far.