Saturday, February 11, 2006

Peeking at the solstice sunrise

Here is an aperture pile. I looked through the hole and could see the horizon. You get some sense of that since the horizon is visible in the photo. Through the hole you see a particular part of the southeastern horizon and, according to Tim Fohl, this is the direction of the winter solstice sunrise. That means a sun dagger will come through that hole on Dec 21. This was perhaps the nicest thing we saw today on 500 Cairn Hill.
The second nicest was a very anomalous chunk of quartz on a ledge. Was there an alignment slanting up towards it from below?
It was hard to believe that this delicately balanced chunk of rock could stay in place long. Yet there was some buildup of dirt and pine needles around its base. This is something much like what I saw in Westford off Graniteville Rd [Click here].

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