Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Roadside Attractions

One of the most pleasant ways of endangering yourself while driving is to scout for rock piles visible from the road. It ain't easy when you are going 70 down Rt 3. First you pass and see a little woodland that, day by day, you become more suspicious about. Then you start scanning different parts of the visible forest floor, day by day covering other little bits of what you can see. Somethimes you get lucky and see something - calling for a visit on foot. Other times you eventually conclude that there is nothing there - also requiring a visit on foot just to be sure. But sometimes you see something and it is so gratifying to have spotted it first from a moving car. That's good hunting "style". Currently there are two patches of woods that haved moved into the "suspicious" category which I cannot qualify. One in a cloverleaf from Rt 93 south to Rt495 south. The other is a median strip somewhere just south of Rt 133 exit on Rt 495 south. I really thought I saw a rock-on-rock today at the latter but I have to keep checking a few more times as I drive by. The other place looks like it does not have anything.

Anyway, I hope to tell some examples of this as we go.

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