Friday, February 17, 2006

From Norman Muller - some interesting rock structures

These are from Hopkinton. Norman writes:
Certainly the stone arrangments must have something to do with the
phenomenal characteristics of the site, of people reacting to the sound of
underground water. But beyond that, they are a mystery.
A Stone Arrangement over a Spring

Stone Arrangement

Another Stone Arrangement

Hopkinton Stone Pointer

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pwax said...

In a recent email exchange with James Gage he said that their approach to rock piles is to identify patterns. Perhaps there are different ways to go about this but I definately agree that there are repetitive patterns to be identified and corellated to their enviornment and setting. These pictures from Norman give a hint at the wonderful variety of patterns out there, waiting to be noticed. Do you see the similarity between some of these pictures? Is the one with a rock slab propped up, enough like a spirit door to make a connection? Plenty of room to figure these things out and perhaps with a little help from the real Indians, someday we may be able to read these structures more clearly, see their function, and guess about the people who made them.