Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another minor site in Chelsmford

Yesterday I found three minor rock pile sites in Chelmsford. Here is a brief report of the third one, located approximately as shown in the upper one of three blue outlines on the map fragment ([Click here]) I suppose there are several ways into this strip of woods between Rt 110 to the south and Rt 494 to the north. I went in by parking at the rearmost condo among the "Woodview Condominiums - Littleton Rd" and then explored eastward through the woods.
I was looking at this twisted sapling wondering if this was man-induced or natural. As soon as I turned away I saw a pile, near the beginning of a small wetland.
I went to take a closer look
And saw a white feldspar "blaze" in the pile. So I think this is a broken down platform pile, with the same kind of white material I was seeing all morning in Chelmsford. Exploring down along the side of the wetland: here is a rock-on-rock group, someting traditional at a "brookside" site.
That was about all I saw there. It is probably only remnants of a site.

There were more woods to explore back in there but I kept feeling lost under an overcast sky with only the traffic sounds from the two highways as guides, So I headed back towards my car.
There was one final pile I saw, just before getting back to my car.

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