Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Roadside Attraction along Rt 3 north

There are quite a few things along Rt 3, some visible. I am saving most of them for a rainy day. But if you happen to be driving north on Rt 3, approaching Treble Cove Rd, you should know that in those rocks on the right there are suggestions of prayer seats. There was quarrying and afterwards some repair. I got the impression there were four seats facing in four directions. If you press me on it, I'll look up the picture.

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pwax said...

You know, if you keep driving north till the next time there is an overpass on Rt3 (which is Rangeway Rd), in exactly the same relative position to the overpass as the rock on the right just before the overpass, there is one rock pile visible from the highway just at the lip between the woods and the slope down to the road. Of course that solitary pile is part of a more extensive site, which I will discuss in due course. But then not many readers of this blog are checking for comments like this.