Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A roadside attraction

This is the "money shot". This pile is within the cloverleaf of the on-ramp from Concord Rd in Billerica onto Rt 3 North. There is actually a small site in there on the southwestern bit of the cloverleaf. A favorite theme is the interface between modern life and the rock piles of the woods so here it is.

The piles are genuinely durable. It is true that this so close to the highway, the pile could easily have been from contruction, but the several other piles at the site are further back from the road and could not be from construction. Also it is an edge of wetland site because Nutting Pond is just south of here. See also the "turtle" I found last weekend [Click here]. It is across the on-ramp down the side of Rt 3 about 100 yards.

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