Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Camp Acton

The Boyscout Camp Acton sites at the edge of Spring Hill, in an area which is rich in rock pile sites. There are more than 8 sites on that piece of land, big and small. In an obscure corner of Camp Acton near the lime quarry, there is a wetland full of inconspicuous but suggestive stone arrangements: short rows and rock piles. There are also five or so boyscout campire rings. [We are always wondering if maybe the boyscouts took apart rock piles.]
So here are pictures of two of the piles. They both have a vertical flake which, so far I believe is related to the nearby water. In the first picture you can see the water. There is one larger pile connected to a pile with a vertical flake, but it has a peculiar little "altar"/"sconce" which is hard to imagine needing as a boyscout. But what is it?
I guess you have to be careful on Boyscout land but I doubt they built that first finned pile above.

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Bill T said...

It's my understanding that there were about 14 original campsites. After the town of Acton assumed ownership, they now maintain only seven of them. Curious to know where the other seven were located and if any of them were subjects of yours.