Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little Mulberry Park, Georgia

Another day...another search engine. I tried Lycos and a different search term. Look what I found. [Click Here] The question is: where is "Little Mulberry Park"? Answer: In Georgia.

Some other comments about Little Mulberry Park are [here] at dancoy.com. Let me quote their text about the interpretive sign at the Park:

Stone MoundsDo not climb on or disturb the stones
These piles of stone range from neatly stacked cubic assemblies to scattered piles of rock (that appear to formerly have been neatly stacked). Some are stacked five to six feet tall. There are hundreds of these mounds scattered in various clusters - all are protected within our park.
The precise age of these assemblages has not been determined, but they are almost certainly associated with native American cultures. Archeological investigations have failed to uncover artifacts as necessary to definitively attribute the mounds to a specific time frame or culture.
No artifacts or human remains have been found in association with the mounds. Hence, there is much speculation as to the stones ritual or other practical utility. Nevertheless, today we may reflect upon the considerable time and effort.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I've been to Little Mulberry Park. I saw the same ambiguous sign that you took a pic of, which is what led me to search for any info. at all about these stone mounds. I have found nothing so far! So what gives? This site is about New England mounds which don't look like the mounds found in GA, but it's the only site that even mentions them. Have you found any other info. about them? Starting with who even did the research which determined there were no artifacts found here?
Just curious

pwax said...

No idea when you posted your question "Just Curious" but note: there are plenty of examples in the blog of sites just like Little Mullberry Park. Look around and try searching on words like "cairn" "stack", etc...