Thursday, February 23, 2006

Check the links

Found this online [Click here]. I guess this is a friend of NM's. Let me quote from the interesting article:

The archaeological community continued to insist on proof of antiquity before moving to preserve sites, no matter how large or anomalous, defying the logic that would call for preserving them until research could be done to help us understand them. Galvanized by their recalcitrance and timidity, Werkheiser and Repsher set about examining huge quantities of historical writings by Europeans who reached the area early. They looked for passages referring to native stonework.

The research was fruitful. They found such references in the writings of many men, including such notables as William Penn, Thomas Jefferson, and Noah Webster. Some of the writers describe several kinds of stone features and some list multiple sites around the area, most of which are now gone. That this much evidence languished disregarded in historic annals while important sites continued to be destroyed, is a wrong that can never be remedied.

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